What is a tag Comforter or a taggie blanket?

What is a tag Comforter or a taggie blanket?

What is a tag Comforter or a taggie blanket?


I get this question a lot, what is a tag comforter or taggie blanket?

They can be called so many different things from a blankie, comforter, tag comforter etc, but they all fit into the same category of a taggie blanket. 

In essence its a textural toy that babies and toddlers love to fiddle with.

They are made of fabric with either a soft plush on both sides or a cotton layer on 1 side and soft plush on the other and looped ribbons around the edge.

Each layer adds a texture the child can feel, discover and improve their fine motor skills with.

I have seen taggie blankets with teething corners on for the child to chew and crinkle material in them to add another texture.

Security Blanket

A taggie blanket held often enough by your baby can become a security blanket for them.

It can aid them to go off to sleep or relax them during the day.

As with bonding squares given to premature babies, where the mother wears the squares close to her body for several hours to gather her scent, that technique can also work with taggie blankets.

Hold it close to your skin for a few hours and even when you're not there the baby feels like you are.

If you're worried about the attachment to a taggie, it's normal to young children. If not a taggie blanket then it could be their favourite cuddly animal.

It can be a way of giving them some security as they are exploring new environments.

What Size To Get?

Taggie blankets come in all sizes from small hand held size up to a blanket that can be used in a buggy or stroller.

Theres is no right or wrong size to get. it all depends on the individual needs. You might find its easier to have a smaller one you can transport around in your bag.

Or if you need a blanket and you want the added benefit of it having tags then thats great too.

Every parent is different in what they choose and I'm sure you will find the right one for you.

Our Taggie Blankets

I have created my own range of taggie blankets, if you haven't already seen them, in 4 different sizes.

They have all the benefits I've listed above as well as being able to be personalised with names or birth details.

This makes them very popular as gifts for new babies or given at baby showers, amoungst other times.

My designs come with a cotton front, soft plush back (dimple texture is the most common one), and colour coordinated ribbons tags around the edge.

If you check out the listings on on our taggie blanket page there are many colourful option to choose from, most can be personalised and different size options available.


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