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      Imagine giving someone close to you the most precious gift of a keepsake. How happy and grateful they will feel when you have given them the solution to something they have been wondering for so long.


      What can I do with these special clothes I’ve saved? They dont want to part with them and lose the memories forever


      A keepsake is a fantastic way to preserve the memories of a loved one through the clothes they once wore. They have kept hold of those fond memories for years with little idea of what to do with them.


      Giving a keepsake gift box means that you can give the gift of a keepsake and they get to choose the most special items for the ones they have saves to transform those clothes into everlasting memories.

      Each gift box comes with everything the recipient will need to continue the process of having their keepsake made. There is a handy booklet that tells then everything they need to know about the process, how many items they will need and what can and can’t be included in a keepsake.


      Will you be the one that gives them that special gift. It will mean so much more to them than you can imagine.

      Inside the gift box there is

      A booklet about how the process works

      An order form

      Mailing bag with label to send the clothes in.


      The cost postage of the finished item back to its recipient in included but not the cost of postage to send the clothes to me.

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