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      Record It

      Your baby’s first year will be over before you know it – ever heard the expression “they grow so fast”?

      Cherish It

      Look back with your child when they are older and share the special moments.

      Never Forget It

      Quick & easy way of holding onto the memories and never forgetting them.


      Your Baby’s First Year Will Be Amazing

      Use the baby milestone calendar to remember those special milestone that matter to you. Baby first year calendar with stickers to use and space to add your own moments.

      Baby’s First Calendar


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      Have you had a baby milestones book? Did you forget to fill it in after a while?

      It’s never to hand when you need it to mark down those important milestones they reach.


      Our unique baby wall calendar keepsake captures your baby?s first milestones by being in a convenient place on the wall in baby’s nursery. You spend time in and out of their room, so you can quickly update the calendar.


      Everything a baby does is special and deserves to be recorded and cherished for years to come. ?With over 50 colourful stickers no moments or achievements during baby?s first year need ever be missed. You will love our unique keepsake calendar as much as we do!


      Baby?s first calendar is an A1 size?baby milestone calendar to hang on the nursery wall for you to fill in to mark and remember baby?s first year milestones. Included in the keepsake tube is a set of 50+ stickers and an inbuilt thermometer.


      Everything you need for the journey through baby?s first year. Once the year is over you can roll it back up and store it in the keepsake tube. Then look back on in the years to come.


      Having a thermometer built into the calendar will let you know how warm or cool their room is. Making it easier to decide how many layers of clothes to put them down in.


      No more need for keepsake books you forget to fill in the baby milestones in first year of their life.

      There is space in the corner for a birth photo and another when they reach a year old.


      Record it

      Cherish It

      Never forget it


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