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Handmade baby gifts and keepsakes from clothing.

Cherishing the memories of childhood and beyond

Hey...I'm Nic

Master Crafter & Face Behind The Scenes

Find out why I started In Craft Corner and how I balance 3 kids and working on build a handmade business.

What Is a nappy wallet & how can It help me stay organised?

Babies and baggage, not the most likely combination of words to use. But it’s true, your bundle of joy brings a host of bags and products that […]

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Unique and unusual baby items handmade to the highest standard ideal for your own little one, or as new baby gifts.

Personalised options available to make it extra special.

I make taggie blankets in a wider range of beautiful, colourful fabric designs; teething bibs and rings to match, to soothe those gums; personalised cuddle clouds, for when they need some comfort; covers for their NHS Red Books to give them a little character – and so much more.

And to help keep everything organised at changing time, there’s the fabulous Nappy Wallet –soon to become your space-saving, essential companion, wherever you need to change! In a variety of great material designs, you can even create your own – and you’ll never lose the nappy cream again….

If there’s something you’re after that you can’t see here on the website, please do get in touch – I’d love to discuss a project with you!

Suitable From Birth

Quality Handmade


Bright & Colourful Designs

3-5 Day Order Despatch

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Baby Bundles


Special clothes that hold special memories should be cherished not stored away

Have those memories preserved in a precious keepsake

Using Baby & Adult clothes

3-4 Week Turn Around

All Types Of Materials Used

If there are some fabrics which hold special meaning and memories for you – whether a keepsake for baby, child or adult – there’s no better way keep those memories alive than with a beautiful memory bear or blanket, handmade from those fabrics.

Carefully and sensitively, I craft a variety of memory animals and memory blankets out of your precious fabrics, so you can hold those memories close whenever you want to. Contact me to discuss the fabrics you have, and how you’d like to preserve those memories for years to come.

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Thinking about getting a keepsake made?

Check out the 6 things to consider before having a keepsake made


Baby’s first milestones are so precious

Record it

Cherish it

Never forget it

You don’t want to miss a thing as your little person grows and develops, and with the Baby’s First Calendar, you’ll be able to record it quickly and easily too.

Instead of a baby book, which you have to remember to write in – and let’s face it, that doesn’t always happen – the baby calendar is right there on the wall. So when you see that first beautiful smile in the nursery, you can make a note of it right then and there

Customise it so that your due date is at the top of the A1 page, and record everything in the ensuing months as it happens – you’ll have a chronological history of your baby’s monthly milestones to look back on, and all of those amazing milestones.

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Hey...I'm Nic

I’m master creator and the face behind the scenes.

Deep dive into my journey of how In Craft Corner came about while balancing young kids. Get to know how I got to were I am today.


Kerry Wallace

"I ordered the cuddly cloud and a taggie both personalised for my little boy and they came today and my little boy loves them. The quality is outstanding I’m so pleased with them will highly recommend you and will definitely order again."

Natasha Rowland

"After searching for quite some time, over a year, to find someone to make a quilt for my son out of his baby clothes. I came across Nic's website & Facebook.
Just looking at her work from pictures, I knew she was the woman for the job and she did not disappoint.
She was very professional and easy to communicate with, answered every question I asked fully and also gave her input & gave me options.
I was looking for an extra large quilt which was a bit more expensive as I was wanting 100 items or more.
It was worth every single Penny. Her work is flawless! and the quilt is stunning!.
A very talented lady.
We are over the moon with it and my son loves it. I would 100% recommend her to anyone."

Tom Maddon

"I am very very happy with the final product (memory quilts). I feel like Nic knows that it means a lot to the people who are buying the products. I was kept up to date with arrival of my items and was given an estimated turn around time, which turned out to be bang on. Great product. Great quality. Really happy, thanks a lot."


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