Taggie Blankets

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What is a tag comforter or a taggie blanket?

Want to Shop Straight Away?Choose a tag blanket, from the many different designs and colours. Even have it personalised with their name or birth details. If you're not ready yet [...]

Tag blankets are a sensory toy & comforter for babies and young children. Used to explore different colours and textures in a small square blanket with ribbons. Babies often want to snuggle down with their taggy blanket as it gives them the security they need when you are not there.


Available in 4 sizes: Regular, Large, XL & Pram Blanket and personalisation options to make it special. Tag blankets make an ideal baby shower or new baby gift, if you are looking to give one as a present. They can also be known as a taggie.


A comforter with tags can be used for older children, children with sensory processing disorder, ADHD and Autism. But not limited to these conditions.