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Easter-themed bunny print label blanket, a charming addition to any nursery designed to spark curiosity and tactile exploration in babies and young children. With an array of colours and textures, this ribbon blanket promises endless moments of discovery and delight, inviting little ones to explore the world around them.

Watch the delight on their face as their tiny fingers play with the ribbons of this taggy blanket, each one satisfies their need for sensory exploration and help develop the fine motor skills. These playful ribbons not only offer hours of entertainment but also stimulate cognitive growth, making learning a joyful adventure at every touch.

The plush backing provides a comforting touch, offering comfort during naptime or bedtime rituals and perhaps even encouraging a restful sleep. Whether it’s the softness of the fabric or the gentle rustle of the ribbons, this blanket is sure to become a cherished companion for both babies and parents alike.

More than just a cozy accessory, this bunny print label blanket is a perfect gift for Easter, making it an alternative to the traditional chocolate treats babies can’t have. With its UKCA and CE markings, it meets the highest standards of safety and quality, providing peace of mind for parents while ensuring endless moments of joy for little ones.

From its earliest days in the nursery to its role as a beloved companion on outdoor adventures, this ribbon blanket promises to grow alongside babies, adapting to their ever-changing needs and sparking their imaginations at every turn. Whether given as a token of love on Easter morning or as a daily source of comfort and joy, this tag blanket is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Front Design:
Choice of 3 bunny prints (100% Cotton)

Approx size:

Regular: 8 inch square – 16 tags
Large: 11 inch square – 20 tags

Plush Minky (100% Polyester)

Either? “[NAME] My first Easter 2024”
“My First Easter 2024” on its own

Standard personalisation available on other product listings

There is no limit to the amount of letters but be advised the more text/lines the smaller the text will become.


Dispatch Time:
My usual dispatch time is 3-5 days. But if you need it by a certain date then please let me know when ordering.

The one you order might not come with exactly the same ribbons in the picture, if this is a requirement for you then please leave a message in the box on the checkout page. Text colour is also chosen to coordinate the backing/print colours.


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