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Full size: 15 inches tall (38cm)

Mini: 11 inches tall (29cm)


Number of items required: 


Full Size:

Baby Items: 5-8 items, minimum: 5 items

Adult Items: 1-5 items


Baby Items: 3-5 items, minimum: 3 items

Adult Items: 1-3 items

How the process works:

Sort through the items you have, remember the bigger the image or logo on the items, the more of the design might get cut off. Using smaller images and logos are recommended.

Once purchased I will email you to confirm the address to send the items to. It’s recommended to send them by recorded delivery and I’ll confirm once they are received. Please add you name or order number on the outside of the package so I can link it to your order. I don’t open the parcel until I am ready to make your order.

Because the items are loving created by myself it will take on average 3-4 weeks or upto 6 weeks at busy times, any issues with this timescale would be advised at time of ordering.

If you have specific requirements on how or where you want an item to be used, let me know either as a note in the parcel or in an email after ordering.

Once complete I will send you pictures of your keepsake. It will then be posted back to you by recorded delivery and you’ll be given an idea of when you’ll expect your keepsake to arrive.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the process or special requirements.

If you do have a deadline of when you would need to receive the keepsake by, check first to avoid disappointment. Every effort will be made to make sure you receive it in time.

Material/items that can be used:

  • babygros
  • vests
  • t-shirt
  • trousers/leggings
  • skirts
  • shirts with collar
  • thin scarfs
  • knitwear
  • dressing gowns
  • blankets
  • thin jackets
  • thin leather
  • denim
  • suit jackets
  • waterproof material
  • ties
  • work/school uniform
  • and more


Socks, hats, mittens, headbands and other small items can be included but do not count these in the number of items to send.


What better way to keep your precious items together than to get them made into a memory bunny Once made it can take pride of place and be admired everyday. Each bunny rabbit comes with beaded safety eyes, filled with stuffing and the ear’s can be personalised with a name or birth details for no extra cost.

Images are examples of memory bunnies I have previously made, each one made is completely different.

Please note these bunnies are designed to be a keepsake and not a toy to be given to a child. Parent’s may choose to give it to their child but I can not be hold responsible if you do. The bunny rabbit’s do not need to be CE tested but every care is taken to the stitching and the fitting of the eyes to make sure they are strong and will not fall apart.