Get summer ready with a sun hat for your baby or toddler. A childrens sun hat is important to keep the sun off them while they play outdoors.

Available in several sizes for babies, toddler, older kids and teens. Adult sizes coming soon.

The best way to know which size you’re need is to measure the circumfrence of your childs head. The widest part from the forhead and right around the back.

Sizes available for sun hats (approximate ages):

Baby               0-6m                 16-17 inch (approx)
Extra Small    6-12months      18 inch (approx)
Small             12m – 2yrs         19 inch (approx)
Medium         3yrs – 5yrs         20 inch (approx)
Large              5yrs – 8yrs         21 inch (approx)
Extra Large    9yrs – 14yrs       22 inch (approx)

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