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Unique Baby Gifts & Memory Keepsakes


In Craft Corner is the place where you can find a wide selection of unique baby gifts and memory keepsakes make from baby or adult clothes.  The bright and colourful designs are chosen with baby in mind. Whether you want something for a baby girl or baby boy. They love the bright and playful designs as much as you will.


All items are handmade to a high quality that you will absolutely love. Don’t just take my word for it, have a look at the testimonials on our Facebook page and Google reviews.

Unique gifts for babies include personalised taggie blankets. Nappy wallets for parents to stay organised. Teething bibs & teething rings to help soothe their gums.  Cuddle Clouds when they want a little bit of comfort. Red book covers to make their little red book sparkle. And so much more… Explore all there is to offer.

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Bereavement Blanket made from loved ones clothes.
Baby memory blanket 1
Lola wearing a elephant dribble bib
wooden teething rings vs plastic teething rings
Current Keepsake turn around time 2-3 weeks. Availability to start your order this month Choose Your Keepsake Now
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