Toddler Size Keepsake Memory Quilt

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In recent years keepsakes made from clothing have become increasingly popular in the UK. It can be very difficult to find a keepsake maker that you can completely trust with your precious and irreplaceable clothes to make a memory blanket especially for you.

Our Memory Blankets are made using the most cherished clothing of your loved ones. Whether that is baby clothes or adult clothes I have worked with them all. Memory blankets are a great way to remember your child’s first years or to remember a loved one that has sadly passed. They make equally great keepsakes to treasure as an adult, using band, sports and memorable t shirts.

With a passion for making patchwork quilt and history and making these keepsakes, I have gained many skills at piecing together special keepsakes. These skills ensure your keepsake is produced to a very high quality and result in a durable and long lasting memory blanket for you and your family to enjoy.

They can be made from a variety of fabrics and can come in a range of different sizes. You get to choose the backing and edging fabric as you wish or leave it upto me to choose from a couple of options, once the top part has been pieced together. Embroidery, such as a name, date of birth or a message to add a special touch and is included in the price. The patch, on the back of the blanket, is completely optional but there is you would like something added. All quilts have 100% cotton wadding as the middle layer. Making it not too thick to use in summer but warm enough to be used in winter.

The clothes you have kept hold such special memories for you that it can be really hard to part with them. Every care is taken with your items throughout the whole keepsake making process.
You really don’t want to keep those clothes boxed away in the loft, or give your loved one’s favourite shirts to charity. So a keepsake like a blanket is a lovely way to parcel the items up together and still get to keep them.

A keepsake blanket is guaranteed to give you many years of enjoyment and can be passed on as an heirloom to future generations.

Number of items required:

approx 20-25 items (baby clothes) 10-15 items (adult clothes)
Completed size: approx 40″x 50″, approximately toddler bed size.
Image is an example of a memory quilt, each one made is completely different.

Baby Clothes:

As a guide we get approximately 2 squares from any vests, t-shirts, trousers & newborn babygros, 3 squares from 0-3m and 3-6m babygros. Then usually 3-4 squares from items in sizes above 9-12m. This is a rough guide as the size of the logo/image on the item can dictate how many squares I can cut out of the garment. I can work with blankets, hooded towels, dressing gowns/fluffy items, shirts, trousers, babygros etc. Any hats, socks or bibs you want me to use will either fit onto of a square or on top of the blanket top once it has be sewn together. They are not counted when working out how many items you need for the blanket.

All images on clothing is cut out first then plain squares from the back/arms are used. If there any and special requirements on what you DO or DO NOT want me to use then put a note in the parcel when you send it.

Adult clothes:

As a guide I aim to get 6-8 squares from an item but often I can get at least 10 squares from larger size items of clothing.

Once I receive the clothes from you it generally takes about three to four weeks for me to get your finished keepsake back to you, from the time the items are received. If there is a special date you need it for please do make a note of this when you order. Please contact me if your order is really urgent (under three weeks).


Please do tell me in a note with the clothes which are the favourites, so that we can make sure they appear prominently on the finished item. Please do tell me if you want all squares to be the same size and I’ll do my best to accomdate that. We will always do our best to adhere to these requests, although it may not always be possible.


I keep remnants of fabric Until your item is dispatched, if you require any useable sizes pieces sent back then let me know. Any full items not used will automatically be sent back with the ite unless you tell me not to.

How do I send the clothes to you?

Once you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation email with postage instructions. Please follow the instructions! It is really important to make sure the order reference and a senders address is on the outside of the parcel. It is recommended you send the items by recorded delivery so that both sides can confirm the items arrives safely.

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