Single Size Keepsake Memory Quilt



Single Size: approx

54 inches x 72 Inches

(137cm x 183cm)

Uses 63 single 6 x 6 squares


Number of items required: 


Baby items: 30-35 items

Adult Clothes: 15-20 items

Trusting anyone else with your cherished garments can be tough. Our keepsake blankets ensure your memories are preserved and live on for generations. In an memory blanket that can be hugged, wrapped around you and present as a gift for a relation to get the same love from.

I work with baby and adult clothes, offer customisation, and collaborate with you to create the keepsake you’ll treasure. With over seven years as a keepsake maker, all item are treated with the love and care they deserve. Focusing on the small details that matter to you.

Free Postage


(You only need to pay to send the clothes to me or drop off if you are local)


Material/items that can be used:

  • babygros
  • vests
  • t-shirt
  • trousers/leggings
  • skirts
  • knitwear
  • dressing gowns
  • blankets
  • suit jackets
  • waterproof material
  • mens shirts
  • sports tops,
  • music band t-shirts
  • work/school uniform
  • denim
  • thin leather
  • scarves
  • and more


Socks, hats, mittens and other small items can be included but do not count these in the number of items to send.

How the process works:

Sort through the items you have, remember the bigger the image or logo on the items, the more of the design might get cut off. Using smaller images and logos are recommended.

Once purchased I will email you to confirm the address to send the items to. It’s recommended to send them by recorded delivery and I’ll confirm once they are received. Please add you name or order number on the outside of the package so I can link it to your order. I don’t open the parcel until I am ready to make your order.

Because the items are loving created by myself it will take on average 3-4 weeks or upto 6 weeks at busy times, any issues with this timescale would be advised at time of ordering.

If you have specific requirements on how or where you want an item to be used, let me know either as a note in the parcel or in an email after ordering.

Once complete I will send you pictures of your keepsake. It will then be posted back to you by recorded delivery and you’ll be given an idea of when you’ll expect your keepsake to arrive.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the process or special requirements.

If you do have a deadline of when you would need to receive the keepsake by, check first to avoid disappointment. Every effort will be made to make sure you receive it in time.

As a Guide:


I get approximately 2 squares from any vests, t-shirts, trousers & newborn babygros,

3 squares from 0-3m and 3-6m babygros.

Then usually 3-4 squares from items in sizes above 9-12m.

This is a rough guide as the size of the logo/image on the item can dictate how many squares I can cut out of the garment.

I aim to get 6-8 squares from an adult size item but often I can get upto 10 squares from larger size items of clothing.


It’s heart warming to see people wanting to preserve their cherished memories in such a unique way. I understand that entrusting your special garments to someone else can be a tough decision. After all, those clothes hold a world of memories, and letting go isn’t easy.


A keepsake blanket are not just another blanket; they’re a lot of precious memories that are woven together that you can hold onto, lasting for generations. Whether you have baby clothes or adult garments, I can create a beautiful keepsake for you. And don’t worry if your item isn’t on our list ? just drop us an email, and we’ll figure it out together. I’ve worked with them all, and I bring seven years of passion and dedication to every piece I make. It’s those small details that matter to you that will be included.


I want this to be a collaborative process. You can choose the backing and edging fabrics, or if you’d like, leave it to me to decide ? there’s several great options. We also offer free embroidery, so you can add a name, date of birth, or a personal message to make it extra special. The patch on the back is optional, but if you have something in mind, let me know. Our quilts are comfy all year round, and made to last years, that’s why the best quality materials are used alongside your own special items of clothing.


I understand how hard it can be to part with your treasured clothing, and all items are treated with the utmost care. If you need guidance or have special requests, I’m here to make this a piece you’ll love and cherish.


After all, it’s not just about the blanket; it’s about preserving those wonderful memories you have with that special person and sharing them.



  • If you have favourite items you want used first or only certain items used, include a note with these in the parcel, so that we can make sure they appear prominently on the finished item.
  • If you want all squares to be the same size and I’ll do my best to accommodate that where possible. If it’s not possible I’ll let you know and we can come to a solution together.
  • All images on clothing is cut out first then plain squares from the back/arms are used.
  • Remnants of fabric from your items are kept until the item is dispatched, if you require any useable size pieces sent back then let me know. Any full items not used will automatically be sent back with the item unless you tell me not to.

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