Dandelions Nappy Wallet


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Dandelions Nappy Wallet

Material: 100% Cotton

Approx Size:  11″H x 7″W x 3″D  when closed and full.

Holds up to 4 nappies, Large pack of wipes and nappy sacks. There is space to put in small tubes of nappy cream and other small necessities.

Do you sometimes wish you didn’t need to take the whole changing bag? Put everything you need in a nappy wallet and take that out with you for the day. Its handy size fits into a handbag or backpack, holds up to 4 nappies and a pack of wipes. Enough for a day’s worth of changing, you might even find space to fit the other small necessities. I also love how it keeps nappies and wipes together so if I am using my changing bag, I don’t need to route around in the bottom to find what I need. Its all there together. Lining colour will compliment the outer design. If you have any special requests on lining colour or outer design then send me an email and I will see what I can do.

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