Surviving With A Broken Leg With Kids And The Summer Holiday's

Surviving With A Broken Leg With Kids And The Summer Holiday's

Surviving With A Broken Leg With Kids And The Summer Holiday's


No one plans to break their leg, or anything else for that matter, right before the school holidays.

Which is just what I did. Exercising no less, doing the one thing that was meant to get me into shape. Little did I know right at the beginning just how limited, frustrated and how much I talk walking for granted.

I broken my fibula quite well into a few small pieces and was advised that they  were going to operate, putting in a plate and screws 2 days later.  Luckily I have a good network of friends and my husband really stepped up at home for the 5 days I was in hospital. Then made it home with a heavy plaster cast, they weigh a ton compared to the cast they replace it with.

While in hospital they show you how to use crutches, I managed to get around with a frame while there.  Crutches scared the life out of me, if you have never used them before then its a very weird sensation of having to put all your trust in the way you balance on them. No doubt by the end of it all I will be whizzing around. 

So when I got home I still wasn't happy with crutches, after a quick 10 min guide they give you, I stuck to the frame and left the crutches until I was a bit braver. I knew then that I had a week to get myself on them as I had to get myself out of the house and up to the hospital for a check up. 

Life at home

It's at times like this I'm so glad I live in a ground floor flat, no stairs to worry about, just a steps to get into and out of the house. But that still didn't mean I wanted to adventure far from my comfort zone. My husband was around for the first week I was home, doing a lot of things for me, dealing with kids, dinner, cleaning up, shopping. Life's all made harder because I'm the only car driver in my family and my husband still hasn't got around to learning.  Cue me pulling my hair out.

After about 4 days of hopping around on a frame, I said right I'm going for it and started practising on crutches. I'm not going to win any speed races but I had to face my fears and just get on with it. Nothing comes from just wallowing in self pity and expecting the world. 

Now, 4 weeks down the line, I am still slowly getting my way around the flat and getting things sorted. Having a chair with wheels on is heaven sent, my place couldn't accommodate a wheelchair so that was out the question.

Crutches with kids

As soon as I knew my husband had to go back to work, I knew I would start worrying about how I would copy with them being around. It's not like I can chase after them, for those that don't know I have 3 girls Madison 7, Bella nearly 6 and Rayne who is 15 months. That was going to be my biggest challenge and The summer holiday's were just about to start then. 

I'm not sure how I would have survived so far if all my kids were younger. My 7 and 5 year old have been helpful, most of the time, in getting things for me, bringing me a chair or just getting on a playing together. I think the thing is every mum know's their kids and has an idea of what tricks will work for them. The week before they broke up I created chores and activity sticks and a point system so they could do things for me and earn points towards something. They really want to go to the cinema rather than swap their points for lots of sweets.

They also help me catch the baby if she's making a break for it out of the baby gate, or they have left it open for the thousandth time. But I have adapted just about everything I do to get things to work, we play peekaboo to get the baby to the bedroom then I can balance against things to get her in and out of the cot. Mum's are definitely resourceful when we need to be. 

On the whole having my kids at home for the summer holiday's, as frustrating as it may be they make my life so much easier at the moment. 


I'm not a person that normally sits around and relaxes, I like to be on the go and get things done, take the kids to fun places. So being stuck on a sofa, bed or comfy place for most of the day is my idea of hell and extremely frustrating. I'm quite an independent person, I had been doing most things day to day that my husband has only just realised I do. He did start off by running around like a headless chicken getting things done. Men and multitasking don't fit in the same sentence in my house. But bless him I does try his best and it's so frustrating that I can do more to help him out. 

My kids constantly frustrate me by not tidying up after themselves, until I ask about 5 or 6 times. Just not dumping all their toys in various rooms helps us all, right. I have learnt to let go of most things, let it slide, i won't be like this forever and once I'm better I can have a blitz and everything will be good again. But I do plan to try and teach my kids some basic key skills of life in the meantime.


Being stuck in is no fun, it drive's you stir crazy and I feel like I'm forever talking to myself or the walls. I try not to let the negativity get to me, try to look at the positive things, that's can be easier said than done.

To be honest I am at a low point at the moment, I don't want to bother other people because they are all out enjoying their holiday's. I would love people just to pop by and talk for a bit, have someone to interact with that's not my husband, no offence to him. I suppose this is one of the reason's why I'm putting this bog together, to get it out there. Offer some tips, they might be helpful to you, who knows. 


After I injured myself, randomly my first thought was "great it wasn't my pedal foot, I can keep working". Working on orders and stock is also keeping me sane at the moment, giving me something to focus on, fill in the time and still being able to rest with my leg up. A lot of what I can do is sat down and I can adapt things so I can keep my leg up, that's a win win for me. I just need help getting things from place to place, insert child or husband there, whomever is closer and free at the time.

There's more planning involved as I realistically can only do so much in a day, i'm not pushing it by any means but keeping working is my way of coping with the situation I'm in. I could just sit back and not do anything but that's not me, I can't help but keeping myself busy, just doing it in a way that won't over exert myself that's all. 

It's also given me all the time I need to do more of the admin side of things when I can't sew. I have put so much into my business recently and with the busy season coming up I have to carry on regardless.

What has this taught me?

1. Why bother going to the gym if I'm just going to hurt myself, I won't be doing reverse lunges or the same class again or for a long while. They said exercise is bad for you, but i never listened haha.

2. Look at the experience as learning a new skill. Delegation is a big one, I did most things myself ran myself into the ground, now I'm learning to delegate more. 

3. Mindset - the power of the mind can make you achieve anything if you believe it. I think this is what's keeping me more sane and less depressed. It's like looking at the good in a bad situation, not focusing on the negative things. Yes I might be stuck in all day but I can still work, just about. I may not be able to do X but i can do Y instead. That can be applied to just about anything in life.

4. Have a backup plan for when you need it. Like friends and family, they are there when I need thing but I'm usually too afraid to ask them for things as I don't want to disrupt what they are doing. That point will never change in me, I've always been like that. 

5. I might have been a bit too slack with my kids, they can get away with murder at times and they like to push way more buttons than normal because I can't go after them. 

6. The summer holiday's are WAYYYYYY too long when you are at home for the whole period.
Thank you so much if you have read down to here. You have gained a little bit of insight into me, the way I am and I hope you have enjoyed it. If you have any thoughts you would like to share or questions then leave a comment below.

That's me signing off for another blog, I hope it won't be so long before I do the next one.

Nic x

I'm counting down the days until I'm out of this cast.

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