Ivory Bunnies Teething Ring

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    17th November 2022

    It says to not soak them but wouldn’t a baby teething on them naturally soak it in drool? Thanks!

      17th November 2022

      Hi Stephanie,

      the drooling would make the ring wet correct just not in the same way. It would only make the outer layers of wood wet which can dry quicker when exposed to more air. The amount of drool a baby produces is only a small amount and is often put in and out of their mouth. There’s a chance for the wooden ring to dry out a bit while using it, the drool can also end up being rubbed off onto their clothing in the process. The outer parts of the ring would be wet but the inner parts would remain relatively dry, making it last longer

      If you were to put the wooden ring in a bowl of water for a period of time, say 30 mins, there is no chance for any air to start drying the outer layer of water. So the water gets into the inner layers of wood, which done regularly over time can affect the wood.
      I hope that helps explain the difference.

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