About Us

  • Let me introduce myself, I'm Nic and I run this local small business called In Craft Corner based in Aylesbury, Bucks.

    All my items are handmade by me in my home around my energetic 3 beautiful girls. It can be quite crazy juggling everything I do but I absolutely love the work I do. I wouldn't change it for the world.

    Back in early 2012 I started out by sewing for friends, making things they need and also for my own kids as they grew. Nothing better than having my own little ones to show off my products. At first I used to make high chair covers, sell them on ebay and that really did well until I started trying out new items. Each year I test out a new product, or a variation of an existing one, so there's always new items or products to look out for.

    I am a self confessed fabric addict, there's no shortage of design you can choose when it comes to creating a custom look. Although I do have a wide range there could be a theme I'm missing, if you can't find the theme you have in mind then defiantly consider contacting me to see if I can source a design for you. 

    As a mum myself, I certainly know which items will make my life a little easier. Each item has a practical use to help every mum out, whether you are a new mum/parent or an experienced one. 

    Why Buy From Me...

    • Everything is made in the UK not sourced from china on mass.
    • Products are made to a high standard, they are safe to use by children and where necessary have been tested to specific standards.
    • Each items comes with a little bit of love from me. They maybe handmade in my home but that doesn't mean that time hasn't been taken to focus on all the little details. 
    • You won't find these items on the high street, yes you might find similar lines but not in the designs that I do.
    • Items can be personalised, given as a gift or kept for yourself. There are so many possibilities that I can't list them all, contact me for other options if you can't see what you want.
    • Everything is made and sent out in a timely manner, any issues with the order process will always be communicated with you, great communication.Happy to discuss custom orders, accommodating to new ideas/designs
    • You would be keeping my dream alive to be able to provide for my family and allow me to watch them grow.