Last order dates for Christmas Delivery.

Keepsakes 1st November  —–   All other baby items 7th December

If you miss the order date and you wanted it for Christmas then I can provide you with a card to give to the person to let them know their present is on its way. If you want me to send you this card add it as a note on the checkout page.

Unusual Baby Gifts & Keepsakes


In Craft Corner is a unique place where you can find a wide selection of unique baby gifts and memory keepsakes make from baby clothes or adult clothes.  The bright and colourful designs are chosen with baby in mind. They love the bright and playful designs as much as I do making them.


Everything is handmade to a high quality that you will absolutely love. Don’t just take my word for it, have a look at the testimonials on our Facebook page and Google reviews.

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