Advent calendars are notoriously known to be all about the chocolate. 


But what if they could be more than that?


Each day in December do fun activities together as a a whole family in minutes or hours, you set the rules on how long each activity takes.

Make December fun and interactive, so you can create lasting memories at this special time of year.

Because memories aren’t disposable, cheap disposable advent calendars are though.

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Advent Calendar
Pages of the advent calendar booklet

In this [FREE] 5 page guide I will give you the 10 ideas on things you can do to create family fun with your advent calendar this year.


Things you can do whether you have babies, kids or adults using an advent calendar.


These ideas can also work if you use a shop bought advent calendar, but ideally designed to be used with a reusable advent calendar.


I give you 10 idea to start you off and a printer friendly sheet that you can print out and fill in your own ideas to use. You can pair these ideas with chocolate or non chocolate treats as you wish.

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